Bedankt voor uw vertrouwen!

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Onze Algemeen Directeur, Kouros Falahi Firouzi, heeft een videoboodschap voor u opgenomen om u te bedanken voor uw steun en uw vertrouwen in Newstyle Healthcenters tijdens de Corona-sluiting.

Thank you for your trust!

Our CEO, mr. Kouros Falahi Firouzi, has recorded a video message to thank you for your support and trust in Newstyle Healthcenters. Please find the English translation here:

“Welcome at Newstyle Healthcenters. My name is Kouros Falahi, CEO. On behalf of our employees, Newstyle’s founding father mr. Van Tergouw and myself,  I would to sincerely thank you. You supported us when we were obliged to close. You did this financially but also with many heartwarming statements of support. I thank you for this.

Right after the closures of the gyms we worked extremely hard. We restyled our locations and made sure all of our locations were deeply cleansed as well as supplying multiple livestreams, more than 1000 Les Mills On Demand lessons. We  recorded group lessons which you can still watch on our You-Tube channel. On the 19th of May we started with outdoor lessons, with the good weather to our advantage and we were able to expand the offer quickly to several hundreds.

On the 1st of July, and we worked very hard  to achieve this, we finally reopened our gyms for you. I’m very proud of our teams for managing the successful reopening.

Newstyle also faced many challenges in this period. Our infrastructure closed down because of the lock down. Also we were struck by Corona. We received thousands of e-mails and phone calls. We did our upmost to respond to these as soon as possible. On this moment, we have answered more than 90 percent of your questions. At the same time I kindly ask for your support and understanding in this exceptional situation. We’re trying our best to answer your last e-mails as quickly as possible.

Above all, I kindly invite you to come exercise with us again. Our locations are as ‘corona-proof’ as possible. It is safe for you to come exercise with us.

And again, our sincere thanks. With your support we were able to continue our activities.

We hope to see you soon!”